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Umi Framed Wall Art Set

Sale price$1,049.00

Bloom Chair Black

Sale price$1,275.00

Sigrid Oval Coffee Table

Sale price$819.00

Mondo Bowl Small

Sale price$52.95

Mondo Bowl Large

Sale price$159.00
Save $248.00
Monte Jute Rug 200 x 280 Monte Jute Rug 200 x 280

Monte Jute Rug 200 x 280

Sale price$991.00 Regular price$1,239.00

Immerse Yourself in Our Newest Living Room Bliss - Step Into a World of Unparalleled Comfort and Style With Our Latest Living Room Collection.

This latest look exudes a harmonious blend of aesthetics and functionality, with a carefully curated décor reflecting a luxurious style. Immerse yourself in the tranquil ambience crafted by our Pascal Sofa, Stunning Artwork, Monte Jute Rug, Sigrid Coffee Table and the inviting Bloom Chair – the perfect symphony for a blissful retreat.

Luxurious Style.