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Banswara Diver Bookend

Sale price$85.95

Banswara Swimmer Bookend

Sale price$85.95

Helsi Dog Sculpture

Sale price$125.00

Tyr Horse Sculpture

Sale price$175.00

Nyani Wall Sculpture

Sale price$139.00

Gotak Wall Sculpture Gold

Sale price$85.95

Darub Wall Sculpture

Sale price$105.00

Eonia Art Series Sculpture

Sale price$169.00

Granada Nickel Small

Sale price$55.95

Rahisi Hand Catchall

Sale price$32.95
Save $5.00
Haru Pear Red Ochre

Haru Pear Red Ochre

Sale price$8.95 Regular price$13.95
Save $5.00
Haru Pear Grey Haru Pear Grey

Haru Pear Grey

Sale price$8.95 Regular price$13.95

Sonnet Sculpture

Sale price$259.00

Totem Sculpture

Sale price$109.00

Decorative Grey Tassel

Sale price$35.95

Vintage Wooden Shoe Last

Sale price$9.95

Sabi Candleholder

Sale price$49.00

Kinara Candleholder

Sale price$89.00

Tambiku Candleholder

Sale price$119.00

Panai Indian Oil Pot

Sale price$69.00

Parat Wooden Bowl

Sale price$99.00

Bodi Chapati Board

Sale price$69.00

Nala Chapati Board

Sale price$79.00

Mavu Chapati Board Small

Sale price$59.00

Mavu Chapati Board Large

Sale price$79.00

Moma Candleholder XL

Sale price$285.00

Moma Candleholder 3

Sale price$179.00

Moma Candleholder 1

Sale price$159.00

Koriva Carving Medium

Sale price$399.00

Koriva Silver Horse Carving

Sale price$3,149.00

Koriva Horse Carving Large B

Sale price$1,999.00

Koriva Horse Carving Large D

Sale price$1,969.00

Koriva Bird Carving Large

Sale price$859.00

Koriva Horse Carving

Sale price$1,459.00

Koriva Dragon Carving

Sale price$1,459.00

Antiques & Vintage Decor: Timeless Elegance and Craftsmanship

Immerse yourself in the timeless beauty of our antiques collection. Each piece tells a story of classic elegance and exquisite craftsmanship. Our range of vintage decor, from ornate antique brass decor to elegant vintage gold decor, adds a touch of historical richness to any space. Perfect for those who appreciate the allure of the past, these pieces bring an air of sophistication and heritage to your home.

Vintage Room Decor: A Nod to Classic Aesthetics

Elevate your interiors with our carefully curated vintage room decor. These items, ranging from rare collectibles to unique furnishings, are handpicked for their timeless appeal and classic design. Incorporate our vintage decor into your living spaces to create a warm, inviting atmosphere that reflects a love for the retro and the valuable.

How to Integrate Vintage Gold Decor in Modern Interiors?

Integrating vintage gold decor into modern interiors can create a striking balance of old and new. Our selection of vintage gold pieces, from wall art to decorative accents, can add a luxurious touch to contemporary settings. These items, rich in history and character, become focal points in any room, seamlessly blending with more modern elements.

Antique Brass Decor: Elegance in Every Detail

Our collection of antique brass decor epitomises the beauty of aged metals. These pieces, with their patina and intricate details, add depth and character to any space. Ideal for both traditional and modern homes, our antique brass items, including candle holders and vases, are versatile accents that enhance any interior style.

Vintage Bookends: More Than Just Functional

Add a touch of vintage charm to your bookshelves with our selection of vintage bookends. These bookends are not just functional; they are collectible pieces of art. They add a unique, decorative touch to your home library or study, perfectly complementing our range of coffee and side tables and rugs.

Why Choose Vintage Decor for Your Home?

Why choose vintage decor? Because it brings an unmatched depth and character to your home. Each of our vintage decor pieces, from bronze sculptures to retro-inspired furnishings, is carefully selected for its unique story and aesthetic value. Incorporate these timeless treasures into your home to create a space that is not only stylish but also rich in history and charm.