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Pyke Framed Wall Art

Sale price$379.00

Kolt Framed Wall Art

Sale price$429.00

Pari Framed Wall Art

Sale price$459.00

Orso Framed Wall Art

Sale price$459.00

Sia Framed Wall Art

Sale price$459.00

Sander Framed Wall Art Set

Sale price$729.00

Motu Framed Wall Art Set

Sale price$589.00

Umi Framed Wall Art Set

Sale price$1,049.00

Linea Framed Wall Art

Sale price$459.00

Tondo Framed Wall Art

Sale price$519.00

Jolie Framed Wall Art

Sale price$379.00

Odile Framed Wall Art

Sale price$279.00

Jax Framed Wall Art

Sale price$249.00

Eko Framed Wall Art

Sale price$1,249.00

Scribe Framed Wall Art

Sale price$159.00

Triibe Framed Wall Art

Sale price$419.00

Suki Framed Wall Art

Sale price$1,095.00

Apollo Framed Wall Art

Sale price$395.00

Block Canvas Wall Art

Sale price$779.00

Linus Framed Wall Art

Sale price$445.00

Tahoe Oil Painting

Sale price$2,479.00

Selam Wall Hanging

Sale price$1,499.00

Ames Mirror Wall Art

Sale price$239.00

Namir Petit Mirror Wall Art

Sale price$199.00

Transform Your Space with Horgans' Modern Wall Art Collection

Our collection of modern wall art is a gateway to transforming your living space into a gallery of contemporary style. Each piece is carefully selected to bring a fresh, dynamic presence to your walls. From abstract patterns to minimalist designs, these artworks serve as focal points, harmonising beautifully with the textures of our rugs, enhancing the overall aesthetic of your home.

Why is Unique Wall Art a Design Essential?

Unique wall art holds the power to redefine any space, offering a distinct, personalised touch. Our selection ranges from captivating abstracts to intricate, thought-provoking pieces. These artworks not only enhance the mood of a room but also complement our elegant sofas, creating an inviting and cohesive living area.

Discover the Charm of Wall Art Prints

Wall art prints are versatile additions, perfect for updating your interior decor effortlessly. Our array of prints, varying in colour and style, can be paired with our diverse range of photo frames to create a unique gallery wall that reflects your personality and style.

Canvas Wall Art: A Timeless Choice

Canvas wall art has a timeless allure, bringing depth and texture to any artwork. Whether adorning a minimalistic modern space or a more traditional setting, canvas pieces in our collection provide a sophisticated touch. They are especially striking when displayed above our coffee and side tables, offering an artistic focal point in your living space.

Elegance of Framed Wall Art

Framed wall art is more than just a decorative element; it's a statement of elegance and refinement. Our collection includes a variety of framing styles, from sleek modern to ornate vintage, perfect for accentuating the art within and adding a polished touch to your home. Framed pieces create a striking contrast when placed near our contemporary mirrors, enhancing the visual appeal of your room.

Integrating Black and White Wall Art with Your Decor

Black and white wall art is renowned for its versatility and ability to blend with diverse interior themes. Whether you're aiming for a stark contrast in a vibrant setting or seeking a sophisticated monochrome look, our black and white pieces are ideal. They pair exceptionally well with black floor lamps for a cohesive, elegant look in your space.