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Decorative Bowls & Trays


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Isarno Footed Bowl

Sale price$159.00

Elis Oval Bowl Small

Sale price$99.95

Elis Oval Bowl Large

Sale price$199.00

Runi Long Dish Small

Sale price$39.95

Runi Long Dish Medium

Sale price$135.00

Runi Long Dish Large

Sale price$185.00

Elis Round Tray Small

Sale price$239.00

Elis Round Tray Large

Sale price$535.00

Byron Tray Set

Sale price$96.95

Calvin Tray Set

Sale price$84.95

Caliz Brass Finish Bowl

Sale price$95.95

Lujo Brass Finish Bowl

Sale price$75.95

Otto Enamel Bowl

Sale price$78.95

Otto Tray Handles

Sale price$205.00

Pero Brass Finish Tray

Sale price$65.95

Herra Square Platter

Sale price$69.95

Giles Valet Tray Black

Sale price$99.95

Giles Valet Tray Tan

Sale price$105.00

Almina Round Tray Orange

Sale price$42.95

Almina Enamel Oval Tray

Sale price$45.95

Emaye Bowl Blue Small

Sale price$19.95

Emaye Bowl Turquoise Small

Sale price$19.95

Emaye Bowl Turquoise Medium

Sale price$26.95

Siga Horn Round Bowl Lines

Sale price$15.95

Bodi Chapati Board

Sale price$69.00

Nala Chapati Board

Sale price$79.00

Mavu Chapati Board Small

Sale price$59.00

Mavu Chapati Board Large

Sale price$79.00

Parat Wooden Bowl

Sale price$99.00

Leo Bowl Medium

Sale price$149.00

Leo Bowl Small

Sale price$85.95

Leo Bowl Large

Sale price$199.00

Randel Oval Dish Large

Sale price$175.00

Randel Oval Dish Small

Sale price$72.95

Mondo Bowl Large

Sale price$159.00

Mondo Bowl Small

Sale price$52.95

Mondo Platter

Sale price$199.00

Athena Bowl Large

Sale price$209.00

Athena Bowl Small

Sale price$129.00

Noir Oval Bowl

Sale price$379.00

Amaro Bowl Black Small

Sale price$19.95

Decorative Bowls and Trays: Elevate Your Home Decor

Discover the elegance of decorative bowls, a perfect blend of form and function. Our collection offers a variety of styles, including the exquisite decorative fruit bowls that combine practicality with artistic design. Ideal for centrepieces or as functional decor, these bowls add a touch of sophistication to any setting, especially when paired with our stylish vases and vessels.

The Allure of Decorative Aluminum Bowls

Our decorative aluminium bowls are a testament to modern design. Their sleek finish and contemporary look make them a standout piece in any home. Use them as a statement piece on a coffee table or as a functional item in your dining area. These bowls pair seamlessly with our modern tableware collection, enhancing the aesthetic appeal of your meals.

Decorative Trays: Elegance on Display

Enhance the look of your living space with our decorative trays. Whether used for serving or as part of your coffee table decor, these trays are as versatile as they are stylish. They complement other decor items such as candleholders and photo frames, adding layers of elegance to your interior design.

How Can Decorative Plates Accentuate My Home Style?

Wondering how to add a unique touch to your home? Our decorative plates offer an easy solution. These plates are not just for dining; they are pieces of art that enhance any surface they adorn. Display them on consoles or sideboards to create an eye-catching focal point in your room.

Why Opt for Decorative Trays and Bowls?

Why settle for ordinary when our decorative trays and bowls can elevate your home's aesthetic? These pieces not only serve a practical purpose but also act as decorative elements, enhancing the overall look and feel of your living space. Whether used for displaying items or as standalone pieces, they add a touch of sophistication and style to any room.