Our philosophy revolves around designing and sourcing enduring products with a conscious commitment to minimizing our environmental footprint. We take pride in the sustainability we've woven into each aspect of our business – from mindful product design to eco-conscious packaging and recycling initiatives.

With creativity at our core, we are devoted to introducing uniquely beautiful furniture and homewares to the Australian market, all while being meticulous about the entire journey of each piece. This includes considering the source of materials and understanding the implications for our environment.

Striving to offer exceptional, yet affordable products with punctual delivery is our promise to you. Rooted in family values, we own and operate our warehousing and logistics facility in Sydney. Here, we integrate sustainable practices with earnest enthusiasm, underscoring our commitment to the environment as we continue to bring timeless, thoughtful designs into Australian homes.

We have a vision

At Horgans, our ambition is to embody and instigate sustainable, positive, and impactful change. We aim to be pioneers in the realm of sustainability, meticulously sourcing materials, hardware, and packaging, and significantly mitigating detrimental externalities. Continuously, we scrutinise and identify aspects of our business that present opportunities for enhancement and further alignment with our ecological values.

We are dedicated

We are committed to delivering style and quality in balance with sustainability, ethical transparency, and corporate integrity. Our endeavor is to establish both local and international standards, grounded in achievable goals and a shared vision for a more sustainable and ethically responsible future.

We believe in change

We recognise that achieving our renewed commitment to the highest possible sustainable and ethical practices may not be easy. Nonetheless, we are determined to make incremental changes to our current processes for the betterment of our industry, our community, and the world at large. Our dedication to improvement is unwavering, and we aim to contribute positively to a more sustainable and ethical global community, believing we can all make a difference together.

Recycling is forefront

Being a furniture and homeware wholesaler, we generate a significant amount of cardboard packaging. To minimize waste, our warehouse staff actively recycle products within our facility every week. This initiative has not only increased storage space in our warehouse but also resulted in less cardboard waste.

With the adoption of the Bin Trim cardboard shredder, Horgans has experienced a noteworthy return on investment. More crucial than the financial gain is the heightened awareness among our customers regarding the importance of reducing packaging-related waste and the role our business plays in this endeavor.

Through the EPA’s Bin Trim program, 28,000 businesses in NSW are minimizing costs and decreasing the volume of waste sent to landfills. The EPA collaborates with businesses to amplify recycling, conserve resources, and cut costs, reflecting a shared commitment to environmental sustainability.

We are considerate with packaging

We are dedicated to using and reusing eco-friendly packaging materials in our shipping processes. Our commitment to producing environmentally friendly packaging materials not only serves as an effective recycling solution for disposing of cardboard boxes but also helps in reducing our overall packaging costs.

By recycling unwanted cardboard boxes, we are not only able to offer packaging free of cost but also make savings on waste disposal. This initiative significantly reduces the amount of waste sent to landfills and decreases carbon emissions associated with the production of Bubble Wrap, Styrene products, and other costly packaging materials. In doing so, we are taking meaningful steps to protect the environment and reduce waste, reinforcing our commitment to sustainability.