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Leo Bowl Small

Sale price$85.95

Leo Bowl Medium

Sale price$149.00

Leo Bowl Large

Sale price$199.00

Cairo Planter

Sale price$279.00

Ula Bowl Small

Sale price$84.95

Ula Bowl Medium

Sale price$145.00

Ula Bowl Large

Sale price$259.00

Altro Planter Small

Sale price$189.00

Altro Planter Large

Sale price$269.00

Cayman Planter Small Black

Sale price$519.00

Cayman Planter Medium Black

Sale price$759.00

Cayman Planter Large Black

Sale price$1,239.00

Cayman Planter Set Trio Black

Sale price$2,399.00

Cayman Planter Small White

Sale price$519.00

Cayman Planter Medium White

Sale price$759.00

Cayman Planter Large White

Sale price$1,239.00

Cayman Planter Set Trio White

Sale price$2,399.00

Drift Planter Small

Sale price$839.00

Drift Planter Large

Sale price$1,319.00

Drift Planter Set of 2

Sale price$2,079.00

Hudson Pot Small

Sale price$319.00

Hudson Pot Large

Sale price$499.00

Peto Basket Set 2

Sale price$139.00

Los Basket Set 2

Sale price$149.00

Mason Basket Set 3

Sale price$189.00

Olso Basket Set 2

Sale price$490.00

Como Basket Set 3

Sale price$549.00

Xavier Basket Set 3

Sale price$209.00

Elevate Your Greenery with Pots and Planters

Step into the world of lush greenery enhanced by our diverse range of pots and planters. Perfect for both indoor and outdoor settings, our collection offers a myriad of choices to suit your gardening style. From tall pots and planters that stand regally in your garden to rustic planter baskets, ideal for creating a cosy corner, our pots and planters are a gardener's delight. They provide the perfect home for your plants, whether you're nurturing delicate flowers, robust herbs, or exotic succulents, and seamlessly blend functionality with aesthetic appeal.

Unique Plant Pots: A Touch of Individuality

Infuse individuality into your home or garden with our unique plant pots. These pots are more than just functional; they are a statement of personal style and design. Available in a range of materials, from classic ceramic to contemporary metal, they offer something for every taste. Ideal for sprucing up any indoor or outdoor space, these unique plant pots complement other decor elements, such as our elegant vases and vessels, creating an inviting atmosphere where greenery thrives.

What Makes the Perfect Pot or Planter for Your Plants?

Selecting the ideal pot or planter for your plants is key to creating a thriving garden. Our collection offers a range of options, considering factors like drainage, which is essential for healthy root growth, and size, which ensures your plants have ample room to grow. We provide decorative containers that enhance your home's interior design, making them perfect for indoor use. Our pots and planters are designed to cater to various plant types, from small succulents to large foliage plants. Whether you are looking for a sleek modern design or a traditional rustic look, our collection has options to suit every plant's needs and complement your interior or garden design style.

Creating Beautiful Arrangements with Pots and Planters

Creating visually stunning arrangements with our pots and planters can transform your space into a living work of art. They are perfect for designing eye-catching focal points in your garden or adding a touch of nature to your indoor spaces. Utilise our pots and planters to arrange plants of different heights and textures for a dynamic display. Pair our stylish pots with our comfortable sun lounges for a serene outdoor relaxation area, or arrange them around your outdoor tables to enhance your dining experience. Our collection is designed to harmonise with other outdoor furniture, such as outdoor chairs, creating an inviting and cohesive outdoor living space.