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Jai Black Table Lamp

Sale price$479.00

Jai Cream Table Lamp

Sale price$479.00

Cero Black Marble Lamp

Sale price$339.00

Cero White Marble Lamp

Sale price$339.00

Oscar Ceramic Table Lamp

Sale price$239.00

Felix Table Lamp

Sale price$219.00

Emerson Table Lamp

Sale price$219.00

Dolce Table Lamp

Sale price$279.00

Aphra Table Lamp Black

Sale price$799.00

Meri Brass Lamp

Sale price$219.00

Dane White Marble Lamp

Sale price$319.00

Shiro Black Lamp

Sale price$179.00

Kezu Floor Lamp

Sale price$1,599.00

Aiko Floor Lamp

Sale price$859.00

Aiko Table Lamp

Sale price$709.00
Save $104.00
Erika Pendant White Small Erika Pendant White Small

Erika Pendant White Small

Sale price$135.00 Regular price$239.00

Enzo Pendant

Sale price$219.00

Cali Pendant

Sale price$259.00

Daiku Table Lamp

Sale price$399.00

Lugo Ceramic Lamp Black

Sale price$479.00

Lugo Ceramic Lamp White

Sale price$479.00

Yuji Parchment Shade Floor Lamp

Sale price$1,299.00

Rune Floor Lamp

Sale price$649.00

Shade for Rune Lamp

Sale price$115.00

Daichi Black Table Lamp

Sale price$499.00

Henk Floor Lamp Volcano

Sale price$1,399.00

Henk Floor Lamp White

Sale price$1,199.00

Lyle Floor Lamp Large

Sale price$1,199.00

Kantha Pendant Small

Sale price$145.00

Kantha Pendant Large

Sale price$199.00
Save $110.00
Abel Wire Pendant Abel Wire Pendant

Abel Wire Pendant

Sale price$129.00 Regular price$239.00
Save $240.00
Mobilia Tub Pendant Black Mobilia Tub Pendant Black

Mobilia Tub Pendant Black

Sale price$159.00 Regular price$399.00
Save $240.00
Mobilia Tub Pendant White Mobilia Tub Pendant White

Mobilia Tub Pendant White

Sale price$159.00 Regular price$399.00
Save $269.05
Arc Wall Lamp Arc Wall Lamp

Arc Wall Lamp

Sale price$59.95 Regular price$329.00

Tilt Table Lamp Black

Sale price$359.00

Tilt Table Lamp White

Sale price$359.00

Tilt Floor Lamp Black

Sale price$539.00
Save $180.00
Ilum Pendant 3-LED Ilum Pendant 3-LED

Ilum Pendant 3-LED

Sale price$215.00 Regular price$395.00

Aphra Table Lamp Gold

Sale price$799.00

Oriel Floor Lamp

Sale price$479.00
Save $237.00
Yumi Chandelier Yumi Chandelier

Yumi Chandelier

Sale price$898.00 Regular price$1,135.00

Oulu Table Lamp Small Black

Sale price$179.00

Oulu Table Lamp Large Gold

Sale price$249.00

Oulu Table Lamp Small Gold

Sale price$179.00

Fern Table Lamp

Sale price$319.00

Numa Table Lamp

Sale price$359.00

Sidra Floor Lamp

Sale price$435.00

Orion Table Lamp Black

Sale price$269.00

Modern Lighting: Illuminate Your Space in Style

Step into the world of modern lighting, where style meets functionality. Our collection offers a range of lighting that brightens your space but also has brings style.. From sleek modern floor lighting to artistic modern wall lighting, each piece is designed to make a statement. These modern lighting fixtures are perfect for creating a contemporary ambiance in your home, whether it’s in the living room, bedroom, or dining area.

Unique Lighting: A Touch of Uniqueness in Every Fixture

Discover the allure of unique lighting in our collection. Each lighting piece is carefully selected for its unique design and ability to transform any room into a stylish and inviting space. From intriguing shapes to innovative materials, our unique lighting options are more than just light sources; they're works of art that reflect your personal style. Place these lights in key areas of your home to illuminate and bring out its character.

Modern Pendant Lighting: Chic Overhead Elegance

Bring a touch of chic elegance to your home with our range of modern pendant lighting. These pendant lights are ideal for adding a modern flair to your space, offering both illumination and a decorative element. Hang them over your dining table, kitchen island, or in the entryway for a striking effect. They work perfectly in harmony with our sofas and consoles and sideboards, enhancing the overall look and feel of your living spaces.

Modern Ceiling Lighting: Illuminating from Above

Experience the transformative power of modern ceiling lighting in your home. These ceiling fixtures are designed to blend seamlessly with contemporary decor, providing ample light while adding to the room’s aesthetic. Ideal for any room in your home, they offer a sleek and unobtrusive way to light up your space, perfect for achieving a minimalist yet sophisticated look.

Table Lamps: The Perfect Accent for Modern Interiors

Complement your modern lighting setup with our stylish table lamps. These lamps are not just functional as they also act as pieces of decoration that add character and style. Place them on side tables, desks, or nightstands to provide ambient lighting and enhance the room's decor. Our table lamps come in various designs, sizes, and colours, making them versatile for any interior theme.

Creating a Cohesive Lighting Arrangement

Creating a cohesive lighting arrangement is key to achieving a harmonious and stylish interior. Our modern lighting collection offers a range of options to suit various needs and preferences. Whether you're looking for a statement piece or subtle ambient lighting, our fixtures can be combined to create a well-lit and aesthetically pleasing space. Pair our modern pendant lights with floor lamps for layered lighting or mix and match ceiling lights with table lamps for a dynamic and inviting atmosphere.