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Ingot TV Unit Black

Sale price$2,195.00

Luna II Sideboard Black Pewter

Sale price$3,195.00

Luna II Sideboard Black Gold

Sale price$3,195.00

Luna II Sideboard Natural

Sale price$2,799.00

Darwin Sheesham Sideboard

Sale price$2,255.00

Ingot Sideboard Black

Sale price$2,649.00

Marcel Recycled Pine Console

Sale price$2,049.00

Arte Console Black

Sale price$1,599.00

Stanford Recycled Pine TV Unit

Sale price$3,079.00

Malle Sideboard

Sale price$3,339.00

Maru Sheesham Sideboard

Sale price$2,219.00

Hugo Bone Inlay Sideboard Grey

Sale price$2,999.00

Ares Sideboard Natural

Sale price$4,339.00

Ares Sideboard Black

Sale price$4,339.00

Abstract Bone Inlay Sideboard

Sale price$4,495.00

Hemky Sideboard Black

Sale price$3,195.00

Zephyr Bone Inlay Sideboard

Sale price$3,119.00

Luna II Sideboard Black

Sale price$3,195.00

Modern TV Units: Transform Your Entertainment Space

Explore our exceptional collection of modern TV units, designed to redefine your entertainment experience. These units blend functionality with contemporary style, offering ample storage and display options for your media devices. Ideal for any living room, our TV units come in various designs, from sleek minimalist consoles to intricate modern stands, ensuring they complement your decor and meet your entertainment needs.

Experience Elegance with Designer TV Units

Elevate your home's aesthetic with our range of designer TV units. Each piece in this selection showcases exceptional craftsmanship, blending artistic design with practicality. Perfect for those who appreciate the finer things in life, these TV units add a touch of luxury and sophistication to your living space. They are not just furniture pieces but statement-making elements that enhance your room's ambiance.

Unique TV Units: A Centrepiece of Your Decor

Discover the charm of unique TV units in our collection. Each unit is carefully crafted to stand out with its distinct style and personality. These pieces are perfect for homeowners seeking something that breaks away from the norm. Whether you prefer bold and intricate designs or subtle and sleek finishes, our unique TV units offer something for every taste, making them versatile additions to any living room setup.

How Modern Lighting Enhances Your TV Area

Consider the impact of modern lighting on your entertainment space. Proper lighting can dramatically change the atmosphere, making your TV viewing experience more enjoyable. Our selection of wall lighting options complements our TV units, creating a cohesive and inviting ambiance. Whether you're watching a movie or showcasing your favourite decor, our lighting solutions enhance both the functionality and aesthetic appeal of your TV area.

Styling Your TV Unit with Elegant Accessories

Styling your TV unit involves more than just placing your television on it. Accessorise with elegant items like vases and vessels or pots and planters to add a touch of greenery and sophistication. Additionally, incorporating items like decorative boxes or bowls and trays can help organise remotes, cables, and other accessories while enhancing the overall look of your TV unit.

Combining TV Units with Complementary Furniture

For a harmonious living room layout, consider combining your TV unit with complementary furniture pieces. Our collection includes sofas and armchairs that pair beautifully with our TV units, creating a cohesive and comfortable entertainment area. Additionally, adding coffee and side tables provides extra surface space for your snacks and beverages, completing the perfect setup for a relaxing movie night or a lively gathering with friends and family.