Table Decor

Table Decor


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Runi Long Dish Small

Sale price$39.95

Randel Oval Dish Large

Sale price$175.00

Byron Tray Set

Sale price$96.95

Byron Coaster Set

Sale price$49.95

Gio Marble Platter White

Sale price$249.00

Amaro Bowl Black Small

Sale price$19.95

Tura Cake Stand Marble Large

Sale price$155.00

Runi Long Dish Medium

Sale price$135.00

Nala Chapati Board

Sale price$79.00

Amaro Ceramic Mug Black

Sale price$14.95

Amaro Side Plate Black

Sale price$18.95

Elis Round Tray Small

Sale price$239.00

Mondo Platter

Sale price$199.00

Elis Round Tray Large

Sale price$535.00

Calvin Tray Set

Sale price$84.95

Anton Valet Stand

Sale price$859.00

Utari Pedestal Bowl

Sale price$149.00

Astri Bowl

Sale price$129.00

Runi Long Dish Large

Sale price$185.00

Randel Oval Dish Small

Sale price$72.95

Mavu Chapati Board Large

Sale price$79.00

Mavu Chapati Board Small

Sale price$59.00

Bodi Chapati Board

Sale price$69.00

Gio Marble Platter Black

Sale price$249.00

Matheo Tumbler Set 4

Sale price$21.95

Undressed Tea Set

Sale price$295.00

Abella Etched Tumbler Set 4

Sale price$19.95

Tari Bone Ice Bucket

Sale price$299.00

Orla Ice Bucket

Sale price$149.00

Marlo Brushed Black Knife

Sale price$23.95

Tobi Antique Fork Knife Set

Sale price$43.95

Neva Glass Ice Bucket Small

Sale price$79.95

Amaro Dinner Plate Black

Sale price$40.95

Choose Horgans Table Decor for a unique dining experience. Boards & platterscake stands & cutlery, to dinner & drinkware, mugs & glassware, salad & serving bowls and more.