How to Select the Ideal Rug

How to Select the Ideal Rug

In the world of home elegance, rugs hold a revered place, shaping the canvas upon which the story of your space unfolds. They ground the essence of a room and are the weavers of style, defining the narratives of diverse spaces.

Choosing the right rug is akin to investing in a piece of art – an essential dialogue between style and longevity. In the curated narrative of your home, rugs claim a pivotal role, serving as the anchor that grounds your room and crafts its unique character, ultimately defining the overarching style of your dwelling. The significance of this piece is elevated when viewed as a long-term investment, underscoring the importance of making a discerning choice from the outset.

How then, does one unravel the mystery to uncover the perfect rug to complement their space? Join us as we traverse through the essentials of making this timeless choice with Horgans.

Measuring the Canvas – Size Matters

At Horgans, we often find solace in the grandeur – a larger rug crafts a harmonious story, linking each piece of furniture in a symphonic arrangement. Yet, the beauty of your floors is also something we cherish, and we aim to ensure they too are allowed to contribute to the narrative

Living Room

Embark on a journey of measurement – trusty tape measure in hand, and envision the landscape of your living room. The symphony we orchestrate often resonates with the tones of an 250x300 cm rug, encapsulating the ensemble of sofa, chairs, and coffee table, leaving a delicate border of around 15 cm to narrate the balance of space and style.


In the sanctuary of sleep, the rug whispers tales from beneath the bed, extending its arms beyond the frame, creating a tapestry of warmth. An 250x300 cm rug serenades the queen, while a 300x375 cm plays the melody for the king, yet the rhythm is yours to compose.

Dining Room

For the dining symposium, a rug that embraces every chair and whispers tales of feasts is a cherished companion. A 250x300 cm rug often narrates this culinary story, dancing with the shapes – be it rectangular, square, or even round – adding layers to the culinary theatre.

The Fabric of Tales – Choosing the Material

The threads that weave the tales are as vital as the stories themselves. At Horgans, each material is a chapter in the book of home elegance:

  • Wool Rugs: A melody of warmth, ideal for spaces seeking a touch of comfort. They require tales told by professional cleaners to maintain their luster.

  • Viscose Rugs: The sheen of viscose tells tales of beauty, best suited for spaces of serenity and low traffic, like guest chambers or formal living realms.

  • Polypropylene Rugs: The durable storyteller, ideal for realms of high footfalls, narrating tales of endurance and ease of care.

  • Jute Rugs: The rustic bard, each piece a unique sonnet of natural hues, versatile enough for both indoor and outdoor symphonies.

Crafting the Story – Selecting the Style

The final brushstroke in your tapestry is the style – the colour, the pattern, the texture – each element is a note in the symphony of your space. Whether your home sings the songs of tradition, modernity, minimalism, eclecticism, or naturalism, the rug is the harmonious chorus that ties the melody together.

Uncover the mysteries of your style, explore the tales you are drawn to, and let these narratives guide your journey to the perfect rug with Horgans. Ready to find the piece that completes your story? Explore our diverse collection and let your home be a canvas of tales, distinguished by design, narrated by Horgans.